Benefits of air freight

Benefits of air freight

Air freight or air cargo is the transfer of goods through aircraft. Air cargo is the most significant type of transport when shipping products in the quickest time worldwide. The cargo can be sent either on planned or charter flights, contingent upon the volume and size of the shipment. Air freight is the safest and fastest method of transportation.

In air freight, two types of cargo are commonly used :

  • General cargo
  • Special cargo

Some benefits of air freight


Ocean freight is the cheapest international shipping method. However, air freight is on the top when it comes to speed and fast delivery. Because of its speed, air freight is effectively used for shipping over long distances.

Access to anywhere

Most air freight forwarding companies have a good relationship with airlines that offer worldwide services. So no matter where you are, you can get your parcel quickly anywhere

Air freight or air cargo
Air freight or air cargo

Less packaging and warehousing

Everyone wants to avoid unnecessary costs. Air shipment usually needs slighter packaging material than sea freight to reduce weight. Your shipment can be transferred within 24 hours with air freight, so it does not need warehousing. In this way, you can save both time and money.


You can track your shipment easily with the help of a flight number. Many logistics companies provide web applications for tracking. This reduces the risk of loss of your goods.

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