What is freight forwarding?

What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding is the process of moving goods and shipments from one place to another across the country and through international borders. Freight forwarding company arranges local transportation and international flight for shipments. Even though they don’t make the actual shipments, they offer various modes of transportation like ocean/sea freight, air freight, rail transport etc. A Freight forwarder plays an essential role in moving the shipment from pickup to its last destination.

Responsibilities of a freight forwarder

Principles of Freight Forwarding

The fundamentals of freight forwarding are based on the efficient transfer of shipments while ensuring the shipment’s safety. Freight forwarders are specialists in the moving of shipments across the world.

Types of freight forwarding

Various types of freight forwarding services are available to meet customers’ requirements.

Ground freight

Ground freight is a freight forwarding method used to move large shipments by road. It is delivered in trucks by road, not by flights. There are two methods of ground freight FCL(full container load) and LCL(less than container load). If you want same-day delivery, then consider ground freight. We provide safe, secure and reliable ground freight services.

Rail freight

Rail freight is the transfer of goods by rail transport. Rail freight, freight train, cargo train, or goods train are used in rail transport. It is commonly used for moving bulk shipments. There are three general categories of rail freight.

freight forwarding services
Freight Forwarding Services

Sea freight

In sea freight, large quantities of goods are transported through cargo ships. Roughly 85% of the importers and exporters use sea freight for shipping, making sea freight an essential source of moving goods internationally. In sea freight, goods are properly packed and then loaded into containers. It is a cheap way of transporting high quantity goods over large distances. But it is more time consuming than other forms of transportation.

Air freight

When you want to move your shipment urgently, air cargo is the best option for you compared to sea freight or rail freight. Freight forwarding companies use cargo planes which are perfect for large shipments.
Air freight is considered the most expensive mode of transport. Still, it is also the safest and fastest method of transportation. We offer a wide range of air freight services all over the world.

How to choose the best freight forwarding company

A professional freight forwarding company makes sure that your shipment successfully moves from point A to B at a low cost. KSL logistics has provided freight forwarding services for many years across the globe. Our expert shippers can provide you with the best freight services, including sea freight, air freight, and road transport. For more information visite Contact Us

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