Sea Cargo

What is sea Cargo

What is sea Cargo? Why is sea Freight used for shipments? Sea Freight is the way of transforming equipment and a large number of products through sea ships. Goods are carefully packed and loaded onto the container. Next step, the container loads onto the sea ship and moves to its target country.

Way of transforming Sea Cargo

There are multiples modes of transforming sea cargo.


FLC stands for Fully loaded Cargo. You will purchase one or more fully loaded containers and ship them to the target destination.


LCL stands for less than container load. You do not have to purchase a full worth of container load. Multiple buyers are involved and share the products. Once the container reached its final destination. The container has been divided among all parties.


RORO stands for Roll on Roll off. In this method, the product does not off-load and drive the vehicle onto the cargo ship. On the other hand, when the ship reach its destination, it will simply drive off

Dry Bulk Shiping

Dry bulk shipping is used for some specific items to ship from one destination to another destination.

Sea Cargo service
Sea Cargo Service

Benefits Of Sea Cargo

To sum up, Sea Cargo or ser Freight is safer and less expensive. It is Good for transporting large amounts of products. KSL logistic is one of the leading logistic companies. You can ship your goods through KSl. Moreover, KSL Logistic offer affordable price rate and door-to-door delivery services. For more information visit  click the below button or call us Now on: 051 8490 070

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